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Soft Services


The FM Helpdesk is a single point of contact for all Facilities Management reports and requests and, for the first time, enables FM to deliver a ‘one stop shop’ manned by a dedicated team that is able to deal with your issue or put you in touch with the person who can help. Our FM helpdesk team is highly trained to deliver an expert level of service. Whether it’s our team based within our head office, or at some of our client’s larger sites, our telephony team is second to none and fully aligned to your business, no matter what the issue.


This is backed up by regular exception and management reporting to ensure that an enquiry or fault rectification is expedited and consistently dealt with. The team also measures performance against targets ensures that customer service performance targets are met or exceeded.

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Asset management is a systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively. In M-Cube, we believe in the practice of managing assets to achieve the greatest return, which is particularly useful for productive assets. We also prioritize the process of monitoring and maintaining facilities systems, with the objective of providing the best possible service to users

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Some people don’t give good cleaning the credit it deserves. We find that many employees of the businesses we serve don’t really acknowledge what goes into this service.


But you can be sure that when M-Cube is asked to do a job, we recognise exactly what goes into it. We recognise that we are performing a vital role in the running of that business, and how it looks to the public.


In this sense we treat all businesses in exactly the same way. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a workspace that the public doesn’t enter, or you oversee the running of a shopping complex. We can guarantee that we will give each and every task the same degree of attention and dedication no matter what area we enter.

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Many modern buildings have far more glass on the outside than their predecessors did. When it is kept clean it looks fantastic – but can you honestly say the external of your building are looking their best at the moment?


Regular façade cleaning can be a daunting task if you live in a modern building that is made entirely of glass on the outside. But even if your workspace is not quite so modern, it can still be difficult to make sure everything stays clean and sparkling.


That’s where M-Cube can step in and make a difference for you.


We have extensive experience in cleaning all kinds of building external. And you can expect the same degree of care, experience and attention that we give to all the jobs we undertake.

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We recognise that we are performing a vital role in the running of that business, and how it looks to the public.


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